Gridwest.Net Membership

What You Get:

  • Email
  • DNS Names – Choose your own web name
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Construction – We make it, You own it
  • Search Engine Optimization – Be listed first
  • Technical Support – One on one help
  • Keep Your Rights!

Why Keep Your Rights?

We support your right to keep your rights! Its seems these days most big players on the web want to own your property; videos, images, even your entire web site! Be carful when you click that “I agree” button, because you could be giving away the rights to your Internet content.

Here at Gridwest.Net, you will keep the rights to your web content. No strings attached. Why? Because its the right thing to do!

Did You Know?

When you buy a DNS name such as “johndoe.com” or “janedoe.net” a web hosting server is additionally required to host your website. If your website has not been built yet, then your website also needs to be constructed.

After your website has been constructed, your clients need to access the site efficiently through Internet search engines. This requires search engine optimization, so that your website shows up first when clients look for your site in an Internet search.

Let us do all this for you, because we are here to make your life easier.